Monday, 15 December 2014

That was Christmas

Remember that time when the christmas cracker went right in my face?
Remember that time when Alexia decided to sleep in so Levi and I had to wait?
That was Christmas.

Remember that time when Victoria, Savannah, Levi and Alexia had to keep on moving the beanbag at Nan’s and GT’s house because it was black?
Remember that time when our family were so hot that we had to jump into the neighbour’s pool?
That was Christmas.

Remember that time when Alexia and Levi and I were pleading with Mum for a red and white peppermint candy cane?
Remember looking at the presents in the morning hoping that mum and dad would wake up soon?
That was Christmas.

Remember making all of the food for Christmas Eve hoping that I could have a little taste?
Remember mum cooking the yummy bacon and eggs?
That was Christmas.

Remember my Aunty eating cheesecake for breakfast on Boxing Day?
Remember when we go on the Christmas parade?
That was Christmas.

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